ES File Explorer Updated to V3, Download Before It Goes Live On The Play Store

ES File Explorer is the one I have been using from the past 6 months and with the recent update, I can say I am loving it even more than I already did. ES File Explorer satisfies all my needs of managing files on my Android phone. It took 550 days for the team to design this new look along with a new set of functions that might let you ditch any other file manager you might be using.

Upon install, the app lets you view folders and files in various layouts and sort them using different rules as seen in the screenshot below:


Almost all new features added to the app can be seen in the screenshot below:


The app now comes with an App manager which can be accessed using the menu on the left which can be accessed by pressing the menu button. You can uninstall apps, backup them, share it or even send it to the home screen with a single tap. All of these options are seen at the bottom when the app is selected.


There is an SD card analyst that can analyze all the folders in your SD card and let you know which folder consumes how much amount of data. This is really convenient sometimes when you run out of space. You can easily clear some data using this feature.


The Root Explorer lets you backup apps and their respective data easily. It lets you control the apps that start when the phone boots and also lets you control permissions.


There are a lot more features this app has to offer you but the screenshot gallery might speak more than words.

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Download ES File Explorer V3 APK

via XDA Forums