Everything.me Launcher: All What You Wished For!

Some people coming from the lands of the HTCs call the Sense UI to be best in class while the Japanese believe in the elegance that the Xperia UI holds to. Samsung likes to go the touchwiz way while most of them still prefer the Vanilla Android. One of the most interesting aspect of the Android OS is it’s Open source nature and courtesy that, one can have a teaspoon of all the flavors at a time but what if you get all of ’em at once? The answer is the Everything.me launcher.


While most of the launcher apps try to build upon the stock ones, everything.me launcher is one of it’s own kind. Instead of just being a launcher that is capable of executing the applications via a fancy app drawer, the everything.me launcher focuses on delivering the next level of smartphone experience. Making full use of the HTML5 platform, the everything.me launcher persists upon the use of dynamic data to keep the user’s home screen alive. We have seen a few other implementations of the same but life demands a lot more than just Facebook! Carrying a few instincts from the HTML5 based Firefox OS, the user can just have the best of all put together on the same homescreen in the form of neatly organized folders or what they call, Smart folders.

Screenshot_2013-04-14-16-30-06 Screenshot_2013-04-14-16-30-18 Screenshot_2013-04-14-16-30-39 Screenshot_2013-04-14-16-31-01 Screenshot_2013-04-14-16-29-14 Screenshot_2013-04-14-16-29-49

The Smart Folders turn out to be the highlight of the over all concept and trust me, they really are. You can add a Smart Folder of your desired genre(there’s a whole list of ’em!) and as soon as you get done with that, the folder auto refreshes itself with the top apps/web apps related to the particular genre. Although it does consumes a lot of mobile data but all in all it just seems to be a nice trick that can be a big help to atleast those who do not want to add an additional step of going through the search bar for the same.

The Application drawer has been kept plain and simple and it does takes out a lot of inspiration from the trebuchet but the widgets pane works the gingerbread way. You can add all the widgets to your homescreen and it does that without troubling out with any visual artifacts that most of the launchers do.

Being a beta version of the actual app, this one looks promising enough to keep us waiting for more. Only if the App selection of the Smart Folders could be tweaked to pull out location specific results, this would really be the next level of dynamic mobile computing. Further, I also expect to see  a better list of supported devices and some sort of eye-candy treatment in the near future as ONE SIMPLY CANNOT SHOW IT OFF using the ADW aesthetics!

Here’s the Google Play Store link for the Beta version of the App: Everything.me launcher


  • Ajoy Gupta

    How can I get the launcher everything me for my galaxy s2 i9100 in India

    • Lalit Indoria

      It isn’t available for Indians on the Play Store. Maybe you can try getting an APK file.

  • Ajoy Gupta

    Hey Gautama why don’t we get to Use your launcher in India???

  • Andrew

    Anyone know how to change the look of the text messaging?