Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Chipset Shows Up!

It all began with Android 1.5 Cupcake and a 528Mhz ARM11 based phone which has still got some time to cherish it’s 5th anniversary and we are currently living in a world with every other person holding a massive big screened giant with almost twice the power of those previous generation personal computers! While the current scenario is being ruled by some massively powerful quad core beasts, we have got this bit of news to feed the lives of those who thrive for more of that jaw churning processing power under the hood!

Yes! As true as it possibly could be but shattering off all the rumors surrounding the beast, its finally here! The Exynos 5 Chipset will be boasting a total of 8 computing cores to blast through all the processing tasks the platform could possess to show off. In reality, the Exynos 5 will be based on a pretty amazing architecture whose inspiration can be attributed to the first ever dual core chipset, the nvidia Tegra 2. What this means is that the cores will be divided into two, the major processing unit and the other backup cores. The Exynos 5’s configuration hosts four Cortex-A15 cores (which anyways are more powerful than any other mobile SoC present out there) and four Cortex-A7 cores. The firing order says that while the four lower power cores(while the Tegra 2 had only one of the kind!) will be enough to ease through most of the day to day tasks thrown at the device, the big guns will be set to fire whenever some extensive amount of power will be requested which’ll further result in upto a claimed reduction of power consumption by an amazing 3.3x! For more on this, you can fetch your copy of the original list [PDF] of pros of the chipset as featured by Samsung here.

If it all goes well, this may be just the beginning of a whole new era in mobile processing technology where innovation would be able to handle the power within! The chipset is expected to be featured in the next flagship of the Galaxy fleet of warheads by Samsung.

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