Face morphing app FaceApp, now available on Android

Have you ever wanted to see how you look when you are old, young or even the opposite gender? FaceApp lets you do just that. Wireless Lab’s apps use neural networks – a machine learning technique, to develop and modify your face. All the number crunching is done using their servers. The app just uploads the picture to the remote server which then applies the effect and sends it back to your device.

The app gives you various options to choose from. Smile changes make the face in image smile naturally, Old tries to predict how one will look after a significant number of years. Young tries to recreate your younger self. Male and female tries to predict how one would look as a certain gender. We found the “Hot” filter to be pretty flat as all it did was smoothen out the picture and just make the face brighter.

Photo-editing apps are trending nowadays. Apps like Prisma also use neural networks and Artificial Intelligence to modify pictures, and in the case of Prisma, make them look like a art piece.

FaceApp is free to download from the Play Store but contains ads. If you want to see how you look when you are a different gender or when you’re old, download the app by clicking on the link below. Your mileage with the app may vary.

FaceApp Play Store