FaceLock Android App Brings Face Unlock Feature of ICS to Android 2.3+ Devices

Except a few, there are many Android devices which haven’t received any Ice Cream Sandwich Update. Even phones like Samsung Galaxy S is devoid of Ice Cream Sandwich. But you can easily taste ICS on your device by using any custom ROM that has been developed for your device. The method is risky and also involves the risk of losing warranty (in case you are unable to flaash stock ROM back). Well, let me guess which feature of ICS would you like the most. Umm.. Perhaps it could be the face unlock feature (that’s my choice too) 😉

Face unlock is really the best way to lock your phone and now you can get face unlock feature on any Android phone and the only requirement for that is a Gingerbread version of Android running on your device. I’m sure most of you would have it except that I feel pity for a few mobiles of Micromax and Spice.

FaceLock for apps is an excellent application for Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices which fulfills a part of your thirst for Ice Cream Sandwich. This app lets you lock not only your phone but specific apps which the user can define.

The best part of this app is that it does not require any front camera. So this makes the app usable for almost any Android Device (even Spice and Micromax if it could have Gingerbread).

How Does it Work?

The way of its working is pretty simple and does not require to perform any tedious actions. All you need to do is, place your phone’s camera right in front of your face and tap the ‘Add face” button. It was quite difficult for me to do it because my LG Optimus Me does not have a font facing camera. As a workaround, I turned on my Laptop’s inbuilt cam and placed the phone facing the cam. Hence, I could see my face on my phone’s screen riht within the required area.

This needs to be repeated 7 times preferable in regions of different light intensity. You can even take more than 7 if you really think that you might need to unlock your phone in situations of various light intensities. All captured images are stored in the database of the app and are compared with the face that appears in front of the camera during the unlocking process. If a match is found, the phone gets unlocked.

Now you may also wonder what could be done if your face is not recognized, Of course that is possible as it is a software and not a human to recognize the face. In such cases you can use the password you would define while configuring this app. The app would automatically ask for a password if the face does not match with the stored images.

I personally feel this is a good app as it brings the face unlock feature to almost all android devices but do you think you will use it if your phone doesn’t have a front facing camera? Kindly share your views in the comments section below 🙂

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  • cheesecurve

    And recognizing your face,again to need a laptop while without front camera?,looks not very user friedly!