The Real Scoop Behind Facebook’s “Come See Our New Home on Android” Invite

Facebook recently sent out an event invite to reporters that said “come see our new home on Android” which will be held on April 4th 10 AM Pacific. But you don’t get to know what will Facebook announce at the event unless you read this complete post.

Once reporters received these invites, they started guessing what could possibly be announced at the event. A few say that it might be HTC’s Facebook phone and some say that Facebook is building a new office where they would work only on Facebook for Android (now that makes no sense to me). However, it looks like the former might be possible and The Wall Street Journal has revealed some more details on this.

It is a fact that Facebook’s mobile platform gets more visitors than its desktop site and smartphones are now dominating the market with the most popular platforms being Android and iOS. This is why Facebook is being so aggressive on mobile development – whether it is rewriting the iOS app and enhancing the Android app to make it faster or adding VoIP feature to its messenger app.

Android is open source and has enormous options which can be used by manufacturers an developers to customize the OS the way they want it to be. Facebook will not be left behind the race.

The Android home screen is the first screen you see when you turn on your device and Facebook will be displaying posts by your friends right at your home screen, WSJ reports. This feature will first be demonstrated on HTC’s phones which is why we mentioned that the rumors of HTC’s Facebook phone might be true.

As of now, Android users need to find the Facebook app from the app drawer and then use it, BUT

“It’s putting Facebook first,” one person familiar with the matter said of Facebook’s initiative.

While this feature will be demonstrated using smartphones from HTC, this features will be available on all Android devices later. Device Manufacturers will have to tweak the OS to let Facebook take over the homescreen and integrate its other features (currently unknown) into the device. This will not affect the manufacturer’s agreement made with Google on customizing the firmware.

This can not be considered as a threat to Google because it will result in more number of Android smartphones being sold and thes smartphones also have apps like YouTube and Google maps which boosts Google’s profit. But yes, this might be considered as a threat to Apple’s devices. When you get Facebook + Android, would you really love using iOS? I would definitely not.

Facebook has been working hard on improving their users’ experience on Android smartphones. It has been urging its employees to ditch the iPhone for Android to make sure they can examine the app well and hence make the necessary improvements to the app. Facebook employees can also request for a free Android handset.

HTC refused to comment on their relationship with the social giant. The company recently launched its new flagship – the HTC One which might give a tough competition to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, given the fact that HTC’s CEO might resign if the HTC One fails. If it is the Facebook phone that might be revealed on April 4th, you can be sure that Sammy needs to do something different rather than manufacturing a plastic bodied smartphone.

Source: The Wall Street Journal