Facebook Home Goes Official: Socialization Revisited

As a direct answer to the controversial Android app, Mark and his team have come up with this brand new innovation that just seems to be the best of Social media to ever land on the mobile computing platform and guess what? It’s the world’s most popular mobile computing platform, the Android OS that’s gonna add this nice trick up it’s sleeve. Facebook Home as the name goes, is definitely one of those apps that’ll help your phone to develop a sort of better relationship with the world’s largest Social networking platform.

As a part of the latest initiative by none other than Mr.Mark Zuckerberg himself, Facebook’s developers seem to have put all what they had in this amazingly innovative launcher application. Facebook Home combines the power of a full fledged Android launcher app along with Facebook’s very own social media capabilities with real time notifications and some out of the world technology to fascinate you along with the world that you carry inside that pocket of yours!

As a part of the live event that commenced a few minutes ago, Facebook has shown clear intents about not taking over the Android OS but instead of that, making the full use of it’s open source nature. Further, as the Facebook Home launcher looked quite snappy to me but topped up with the Cover photo-stream transitions and a lot of eye-candy, it ain’t gonna be that easy on most of the devices. That just seems to be the reason why the Facebook Home Launcher App will be made available to a select list of phones that include most of the warheads including the 2013 ones by April 12th and as per the schedule, it’s gonna get better and better with the preplanned monthly update list that stack up the Facebook Developers’ Agenda.

As a matter of fact, this just seems to be the perfect blend of what the WebOS/Windows Phone tried to achieve and what the Android OS is capable of. Facebook’s Android initiative just seems to be good enough to please the eye meanwhile making it even tougher for other platforms to catch up with the droid’s pace after this nitrous boost punched out.

For more on this, you can head over to the official page of the App and take an overview while the app itself, as we said, will be available to be downloaded via Google Play Store for free(offcourse!)  to the listed compatible devices. The Date? It is April 12th onwards!