Facebook Messenger Free Calls: Now Outside the US and UK Territories

Recently enough we had posted about the inclusion of VoIP within the Facebook’s Messenger app but it had restricted jurisdictions within the territories or UK and US only but it seems that the world’s largest social network has removed the shackles as reported by some users. As per the reports, the Free call facility now seems to be available outside the previously defined regions of US and UK.

Aiming to make it the most versatile communication app, Facebook seems to have worked a lot in re-modelling it’s messenger’s communicating skills. In a joint venture with many companies, the Free Calling feature is aimed to be seeded worldwide soon enough. Although there is this restriction in the app itself that the free calls are allowed only to the peers which have the messenger installed but that can never be a sign of failure for an app from the Social network whose network spans as much as the world’s current population itself. The availability of the user can be checked via pressing the info button at the top of the profile screen in the messenger app to check whether the user is available over VoIP or not which corresponds directly to the basic requirement i.e the installation of the messenger app.

If all goes well(which it would rather ways!), this could turn out to be just the ideal way of social networking and a greater VoIP solution to those who still can’t make full use of Skype’s capabilities as there just can’t be a person in the world who is familiar to the online world and hasn’t got a Facebook profile or the Facebook/Messenger app installed on his phone! The only thing that’s left to wrap up the recipe is the availability of the Free Call feature across the globe. Who knows! it may have started to seed in your region too and if it hasn’t, you shouldn’t expect to wait much for the same 😉 .

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