Facebook to test ads on the Messenger App

Facebook’s Messenger has been through a rocky journey. Since it’s release on 2011, it has grown substantially and also introduced innovative features like Chat Heads in Android. Messenger has over a billion regular users and it is a gold mine for businesses to monetize this. With that kind of reach, it would be no brainer and there is no shortage of speculation floating around about the Ads in Messenger. Facebook has announced in their blog that they will be testing Ads on Messenger within a week from now in select countries.

Facebook will be pushing out card-style ads with image thumbnails, which is similar to the ones found in the news feed. Tapping Learn More will probably take you to the article or post of the respective ad holder. Facebook has promised that no ads will appear on individual chat conversations, but there is no word whether relevant ads to your chat will be shown. Facebook says the ads will take up the area below your most recent conversations, and by the looks of it, it seems like it’s going to occupy a substantial amount of real estate on the homescreen. Considering Facebook also owns WhatsApp, which has the largest user-base in the world, the data could be used for the Messenger Ads, which would be priceless.

Facebook Ads are supposed to begin testing in Thailand and Australia in the coming weeks. No word on when it will reach a full-blown launch, but it is bound to do well since it’s hitting millions of users.

Do you use Messenger regularly? What are your thoughts on the Ads? Let us know in the comment section.

Via: Messenger Blog