First CyanogenoMod 10.1 ROM For Sony Xperia L Surfaces

Being a handset that’s turning a lot of heads towards itself and capturing off a lot of lime light from the Lumias in the mid range, the Sony Xperia L is expected to be a promising performer in terms of sales and along the development course. The Snapdragon 400 chipset on the Sony Xperia L boasts two “under-powered” Krait processing cores along with a Adreno 305 GPU that can make the frame-rates glide upon the WVGA screen with ease while a Gigabyte of RAM chips in as yet another surprise for the price that the device retails for(off-contract). A lot of expectations and promising specifications tally up the requirements for this device to be in sight of the developers at the XDA Forums and a result of that, we have the first, although pre-alpha builds of a Cyanogenmod 10.1 ROM ready to boot on the device!

cm10.1 xlAs said, the CM10.1 build is under it’s pre-alpha stages which means it is a straight forward no for those who use the device as their daily driver but those who like to play around with it can have a go at the ROM and help the developer along.

Cyanogenmod 10.1 or CM10.1 is based upon Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which features a little more tweaks over Android 4.1 Jelly Bean like the notification toggles as well as the Photosphere camera app and lockscreen widgets. It does incorporates Project Butter which makes sure that the screen does ticks nicely along the magical 60fps mark to fetch you a buttery smooth UI on the serve.

As the Cyanogenmod Team support only a limited number of devices, developers at the XDA forums have ported numerous CM build for almost every potential device out there. Good to see that the Xperia L didn’t took much long to get noticed as it features on a proper development thread of it’s own as well as has got the developer getting to work in quick time.

To those who are interested in giving the ROM a shot, you can head over to the ROM’s original thread an help making an audience for the developer to work for!