First Look on BlackBerry Messenger for Android [Video]

It has been long since BlackBerry had announced the BBM Messenger for Android that could be expected to hit the Play Store any time “this summer”. While the season is about to end, BBM for Android is still not available for Android users except for the beta invites BlackBerry sent out to developers which was also captured running on a Samsung Galaxy S3. While more leaks surface, a new video showing BlackBerry Messenger running on Android is available online.

The app looks clean and simple with the tabs on the bottom to navigate across chats, contacts and groups. More options allow you to invite your friends to use BlackBerry messenger. Profile pictures that can be viewed in full screen can be used to set as a contact picture or wallpaper. You can also share contact pictures via other apps.

The chime played when a new message arrives is identical to that available on BlackBerry devices. On the whole, the BBM port looks very similar to its native app on BlackBerry OS. You can watch the video to have a complete look at the functioning of the app.

Android and iOS users already have a plethora of apps to choose from for their instant messaging needs, WhatsApp being the most popular one among all Mobile operating systems. BBM for Android being overly hyped should hit too many installs upon launch but considering that BlackBerry is too late, standing out in the competition is what the company needs.