Five Mid-Range ICS Phones Hit the European Market – The Brand Says “THOMSON”

It’s a new entry into the European mobile market as the home appliance making brand, “THOMSON” has stepped into the Android arena with not one or two but a total of 5 mid-range devices running on Android 4.0 out of the box. The new brand has totally got nothing to entice us with any promises at least so it’s up to its soldiers to stick their feet to the soil and deliver to the lot by delivering something delightful to the user, if any.

Thomson Dual Sim ICS Phones

It looks like the newcomer has done it’s homework a bit neatly as it has presented to us a whole of 5 mid rangers lying along the extremes of pricing in the bracket with the best part being that they all sport Android 4.0 on board. The company has forced itself into keeping itself into the lower profile but the devices look promising apart from the aggressive pricing which is so obvious for a firm that’s trying to settle into a niche that’s currently being ruled by some multinational heavyweights like the lives of Samsung and Sony.

1.The X-View 3 (TH1130M)

Let’s begin with the Biggest one of the 5 brothers, the bigger and the better, the X-View 3 (or TH1130M) boasts some quite heavy-duty spec sheet to its credit of being a mid range phablet, although the chipset is a bit on the cheaper side but the dual core1 GHz MediaTek MTK MT 6577 processor coupled with a Gigabyte of RAM  is more than what one would expect from a mid-range phablet which has to power a 5.3″ with qHD resolution on top with Android 4.0 eye candy on the serve.

Dual cameras (8mp/3mp combo) sound somewhat interesting for a device of such low honour while the battery nothing special to write about when you have to take into consideration, a screen that’s as big and to sum it up, there’s some Dual SIM support for you along with top-notch connectivity with the lack of NFC(that’s too much to ask for ).

2.The X-View 2

X View 2 Android Phone

Bigger but a sibling living in some sort of injustice is what it goes like for the X-View 2. Boasting confronting dimensions to its elder brother, this guy should find itself in a comfortable position in the mid range courtesy it’s phablet aesthetics coupled with a trimmed down spec-sheet. The X-View 2 presents you with a 5.3” WVGA display upfront, while the inside is a 1 GHz single core processor ticking along 512 Megabytes of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage. The connectivity options go as far as one can expect from a mid ranger with Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS radios completing the list. The snapper is a 8 megapixel unit while on the front, there is a VGA unit to handle all your video calls.

The phone boasts similar configuration to the Indian-bred Micromax A100 and packs in a surprise with the performance it delivers with the battery rated at a whopping 2500mAh.

3.The X-Link 4.5

Thomson X-Link 4.5

Coming down the list, we have another series of smartphones from the firm with its flagship named as the X-Link 4. As the name suggests, the handset in question is 4.5 incher and is stuffed with all the riches that it can brag about viz. the qHD display resolution and a 8 megapixel camera while the rest of the specs still remain under the covers. The handset weighs in at 127grams and has a 11.9mm of waistline while the battery comes as a matter of dissatisfaction with its rating on the lower side @1500mAh if you consider the monstrous display along with the heavy-duty shooter at the back.

4. The X-Link 4.0


The X-link 4.0 is a trimmed down version of the series flagship with a 4.0″ screen (woah! you guessed that right!) plus a modest specification sheet along with some weird body work at the back , which, according to the firm, should avoid the accidental slipping of your phone( innovative? ).

Concluding it up, the battery rates in at the same 1500mAh while the phone measures a slick lesser than the latter.

5. The X-Link 3.5


Sitting at the bottom of the food chain, the little X-Link 3.5 has more to its name than one can perceive. The 3.5 incher boasts a WVGA resolution to greet you with some high pixel density along with a Gigahertz of processing power on a singlecore and 512Megabytes of RAM while the 5megapixel camera on the back and a VGA secondary camera take care of all the multimedia content you throw at it. The connectivity is nothing of an edge over its bigger siblings while the battery rated at a measly 1200mAh round-up the specification sheet.

All the 5 phones from the European firm pack in a punch if priced aggressively and marketed well. The best part of the deal being all of them running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So now it’s up to THOMSON whether, it gains some respect from the mobile community or not, depending upon its own marketing strategies.

What’s you opinion on the five? you gonna get one? please leave us your feedback in the comments section on this. We’ll be happy to hear from you 🙂