Fix Blurred Screen Issue On CyanogenMod 9 For LG Optimus L3 E400

The CyanogenMod 9 ROM for LG Optimus L3 E400 makes the device run pretty smooth and was loved by most of the Optimus L3 user, but not by those who bought the phone recently and had the new display drivers because they could see a blurry screen after they installed the ROM. Indeed this is an issue you can not live with and hence you rolled back to stock ROM. Well, you don’t need to do that anymore because a kernel with blurred screen fix has been created by developer Suxsem on Modaco forums.

LG Optimus L3

Features of the Kernel

  • added overclock up to 1 Ghz
  • added smartassv2 governor
  • added swap
  • added tun/tap module

If you are a noob, you may not understand what these aforementioned features meant. Let me explain that to you. Overclocking the CPU means increasing the clocks per cycle. Optimus L3 comes with a clock speed of 800 MHz but with this kernel, you can increase it to 1 GHz which means, better multi-tasking on the phone. Governors help you save battery and adjust the clock speed as required by the device. Swapping is used to increase your device’s RAM. It is practically impossible because RAM is hardware but you can do it by swapping a part of your SD card’s memory and making it available as RAM. Too much of swapping affects the SD card because of the increased number of read/write cycles but you can give it a try using Swapit RAM expander app.

Download & Install

Download: Mediafire | (Make sure you are running the CyanogenMod 9 ROM)

To install the ROM, copy the zip file to your device’s SD card, boot into CWM and wipe data, cache and dalvik cache. After that go to Install zip from SD card>Choose zip from SD card and select the kernel zip file. Flash it in the next screen. Go back and select “Reboot system now”.

When you flash this on CM9, you should not have any blurry screen. Let me know how it works. For more on this, you can join our Facebook group.

Thanks Boris for letting this in!

via Modaco Forums

  • Ivan

    Hi, what if I want to uninstall the kernel or update the ROM?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Flash any other ROM and it will be uninstalled.

  • Rohit

    Into recovery mode when i Click on install cm9 it displays install aborted….plz….help


      Go ti “install zip” -> “toggle signature verification” -> Disable

  • Detroit Inferno

    Hey I just flashed the CM 9 yesterday and it was so much awesome. It gave me a feeling of using a new phone. And at first the screen was a little blurry. And I flashed this kernel. Now it clear ans nor blurry. And the overclock also worked. Now I can do multitasking without any lags. So if someone want to flash the CM Rom, I’d rather suggest you do it right now without hesitating. I’m sure you’ll love it. There is no bugs until now I the from. Its really smooth and eye catching. Be sure not yo miss it. Thanks for posting about this kernel. 🙂

  • mac

    Hey there, the links provided by you are dead. Please update the links or host the kernel back on some different site.

  • aditya

    Well I this blurry screen problem and now its fixed, But my WiFi is not working. help please?

  • yatharth kandhari

    lalit i can’t find polaris viewer google playtore nd all apps plzzz help

  • aaa

    The kernel freezes my LG L3 every few minutes, though the blurr problem was fixed.

  • bong

    mr lalit I have a problem with my LG E 400. after I upgraded using cwm9 be os 4.0.4 but the screen is dark even after I installed the fixed my screen is not bright and disjointed writing please help to resolve this issue tq


    Try one of these instead: (gellmar kernel v1.3)
    or this (gellmar kernel v1.3b)
    Either of these will fix:
    – WiFi
    – Blurry screen
    – Lock screen badly displayed
    – Lock screen shortcuts in Settings
    – OC to 1GHz
    – USB Mass Storage Fix
    The top one will give you a small lockscreen circle, the bottom one a big circle.
    Hope this helps!

  • isko

    how to boot into cwwm ?

  • shubham

    i cant mount sd card and external sd card….help

  • Ethan Hemingway

    It works GREAT! a massive diffrence! i love it!