Flash TWRP & Install LineageOS on OnePlus X

The OnePlus X is kind of an odd-ball for OnePlus. Released after the OnePlus 2, this smart phone killer is pocket-friendly and quite the powerhouse. Rocking the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 along with 3GB RAM, the OnePlus X is no slouch in the performance department. As we all know, OnePlus devices have always been developer-friendly. New ROMs are pushed out quite frequently and the X is no exception. CyanogenMod’s CM14.1 builds have been out for OnePlus devices and now it’s time for LineageOS.


  • A Windows PC
  • ADB & Fastboot
  • USB Cable (double-check for faults)
  • At least 60% battery remaining on your device

Unlocking the Bootloader

Note: This will wipe all data on your device. Make sure you backup important files as necessary before proceeding.

On your OnePlus X, go to Settings->Developer Options and make sure you’ve enabled USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

Note: If you do not see the Developer Options menu, it can unlocked by going to Settings->About Phone->tapping build number a few times.

Now connect the phone to your PC and open Minimal ADB & Fastboot. We now need to confirm our device is connected. To do that, type:

adb devices

This should show the Android devices currently connected to your PC. Make sure you accept the confirmation on the phone too. It is advised to disconnect any other Android devices. Once you’ve successfully connected the device, we need to boot to the bootloader to proceed. To do this, shut down the phone completely. Hold down the Volume Up and Power button to enter fastboot mode.

Alternative method: On the Minimal ADB, simply type:

adb reboot bootloader

This should immediately switch the phone off and reboot to bootloader.

Once you’ve successfully connected your device, we can move on to unlocking the bootloader. Unlocking the bootloader allows us to write into different storage partitions of our phones which would otherwise be blocked.

Let’s make sure our phone is successfully connected to the PC. To check this, enter:

fastboot devices

Once confirmed, we can unlock the bootloader. To unlock the bootloader, simply enter the following:

fastboot oem unlock

If the device doesn’t automatically reboot, reboot it from the menu. It should now be unlocked.

Warning: This will FACTORY RESET the device. All data will be lost. Make sure you take a backup before entering this.

Flashing TWRP

We now need to download the TWRP file for proceeding. You can download the file here.

Once downloaded, rename the file to “twrp.img” (no quotes) and place on the folder where the Minimal ADB is installed. For most people, it is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

Once the file is in the folder, we can now go back to Minimal ADB and type in the command:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

This will replace the stock recovery to TWRP. Once the flash completes successfully, reboot the device into recovery to verify the installation. Boot to recovery instructions: With the device powered down, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.

Note: Some ROMs overwrite recovery at boot time so if you do not plan to immediately boot into recovery to install CyanogenMod, please be aware that this may overwrite your custom recovery with the stock one.

Installing LineageOS

Download LineageOS package for the OnePlus X. Copy the zip file to the internal storage of your device.

If not already in recovery mode, boot to recovery mode by powering down the device and holding the Volume Down and Power button. In the TWRP menu, select Wipe, then Factory Reset. Then, select Install and choose the CM14.1 zip package. This will prompt you to “Swipe to Flash”. Once the installation has finished you can Reboot to System. Note that the first boot might take a while.

Optional: You can also choose to flash GApps to obtain Google Services after flashing CM14.1. You can follow the tutorial to flash GApps here.

Rooting LineageOS

Due to security concerns, LineageOS comes without root access by default. This is because an increasing number of Android users are using Custom ROMs like LineageOS as daily drivers and just want a stable, reliable ROM to fall back on. The root addon can be installed very easily. Simply download the addon zip and flash it via TWRP, it’s that simple.

Once the zip has been flashed, boot to system and turn on root access under Developer Options. To verify root access, you can download Root Checker by joeykrim and tap “verify root”. If all goes well, you should be prompted to “grant” Superuser access and should see a message confirming the same.