Flash Zip Files from PC to Your Android Device with Desktop Flasher

Flashing zip files on your Android device requires the zip files to be present in the device’s external or internal storage in the first place. Most ROMs are zip files of over 300 MB especially when it is a stock ROM. Moving the zip files from your PC to your device and then flashing it from the recovery mode is a hectic task for me and probably most of you. It’s even more time consuming if you flash zip files pretty often. Also, the device’s storage might not be sufficient enough to store the heavy zip files. To make flashing zip files easier, XDA forum member, filmaker has created Desktop Flasher – a tool that helps you flash zip files directly from your PC to your Android device.

You need a Windows PC to run Desktop Flasher. All you need to do is drag and drop the zip file onto the program window. It will then reboot your phone into TWRP or CWM recovery depending on which one is installed on the device. This happens over a USB connection and hence you need to have proper drivers set up already.

The program works only with CWM and TWRP recoveries, any other recoveries aren’t supported at the moment. So if you are trying this over the stock recovery you get on your device, you will have to replace it with CWM or TWRP.

On the first run, the program runs some tests to verify the connection from your PC to the device. In case it finds some drivers missing, it will automatically redirect you to the Universal naked driver page on XDA forums from where you can download the drivers and install them on your PC.

Once all drivers have been properly set up, you can go ahead and drag-drop the zip files onto the program which will be flashed on your phone.

To download this tool and view the FAQs the developer has put up, you can visit the original thread on XDA forums.

  • Mohit Wason

    even installed all lg drivers it couldn’t detect my phone..failed to flash stock rom 🙁

    • Did you make sure USB Debugging is enabled? Did you extract all files from the zip to a separate folder and run the Flasher from that folder?

      • Mohit Wason

        yes did followed all the steps and as i dragged the zip file its showing this message…
        now i am thinking can i ever be able to flash stock rom on my phone again because failed to do so from every method..

        • Patrik

          do wee need to extract the zip file?

  • Mohit Wason

    rply please..

    • anon23

      when the offline thing comes up, i put the phone to recovery to cwm then it recognized the device

  • anon23

    every time i drop the zip a message come up and says, “there is a space in the zip’s location. Please move it to another location or replace all spaces with an underscore”. what does this exactly mean, PLEASE HELP

  • Patrik

    fail to push the script… please help..

    • Muhammed Refaat

      that’s because you are running the device, to avoid that, run the device in recovery-mode then install it when you in recovery-mode