Framaroot Brings One-Click Root to Various Android Devices

So you own a device that isn’t popular enough for Bloggers to write about its rooting methods or probably doesn’t have a dedicated forum on XDA? Never mind, there are apps that can help you root your device using the root exploits that are available already. One such app is Framaroot and it helps you root your device in one-click. If you are new to rooting, you can read our complete guide on Android rooting.

If you own a Nexus or a high-end device that is used worldwide, I recommend you not to try this method. You may land up in some mess and since there is not much developer support for your device you may end in vain. Please try this method only if there is no dedicated method for your device.

Framaroot is available as an APK download. It works with devices that are built on OMAP 3, Exynos 4, Qualcomm, various Mediatek platforms. Based on the platform and Android version on your device, the app tests various exploits to root your device and install Superuser and su binary.

It is recommended that you update the firmware on your device using OTA updates instead of updating it via programs on PC like KIES or Odin. This is because you lose root access after updating the firmware and apps like SuperSU help you keep root access even after an OTA update.

There is a huge list of devices with which the app is compatible. You can find the list and download the APK from the original thread at XDA forums. Apart from this, you can try running the app on your device if it is built with any of the platforms listed above.

Please note that the the warranty of your device will be void after rooting for which the developer or Hack My Android isn’t responsible. Kindly proceed at your own risk.

  • Does it supports the latest android version like Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 Nougat?