Friday: Your Personal Automated Journal [APP REVIEW]

One of the major reasons that why most of us prefer the skinned user interfaces supplied by the OEMs over the Vanilla android is the ability with which they help us in managing our day to day tasks and data. We all know that having just an Agenda app doesn’t helps us to that very extent but for notifying about the events. In that case, How about an app which not only syncs with your Social and email accounts to track up your activity and prompt you up in case you miss any of the tasks that you do as your daily routine? Oh! yes, Google Now can get you through with the places and locations, but what about the Emails, Calls and Text Messages? Even if you can easy with that, then how about an app which can take you back in time and help you get a track of all your activities? Yes! Friday:Automated Journal has got it all!

fridayFriday is an automated journal for the Android OS which is a one of a kind application that helps you keep a track of all your activities and prompts you up if you miss any of them which are a part of your daily schedule!

Starting up, the user interface appealed to be a key highlight of the app over other personal task managers to me while the start up pic hits bang on when you are in a mood to sit back, relax and have a look at all what you’ve been doing till the date. The sign up process is pretty easy and you will need to have a Google account with an active Google Plus profile after which you can add other social media accounts as well and yes, it has to be taken care of that this app will show whatever you have been doing in your social media life instead of delivering Facebook generated news feed!

Screenshot_2013-08-18-13-54-15 Screenshot_2013-08-18-13-54-21

Apart from this, Friday also allows signing in to multiple Facebook accounts at the same time(in case you wanna take care of your work and family together!).

The User interface has been kept clean and in line with Google’s new skinning policy for it’s home bred apps and as soon as you get done with the sign up process, you get welcomed with a quick screen by screen tutorial which helps you get along with the app within a few easy steps. Talking about the in app menus, there is only a drawer on the left of the screen which can be drawn out by pressing the app icon in the top left corner which shows all the services and content management tools and your account details.

Screenshot_2013-08-18-13-53-04 Screenshot_2013-08-18-13-54-03

You can use Filters to see detailed list of either your calls, messages, social activities or emails instead of going through with all of them on the same screen while the Digest option helps you set the filter level for your activities for a given date.

To travel back in time and get a note of your past activities, you just have to click on the clock icon in the middle of the navigation bar that is mounted on the top of the in-app screen and using a somewhat Microsoft Windows Phone clock inspired time toggle to set the attributes for the day you wanna switch back to.

Screenshot_2013-08-18-14-00-15 Screenshot_2013-08-18-14-00-22

Now that’s how Friday works! It is easy, pretty much user friendly and comes in quite handy when it comes to those pop up notifications that remind you of the calls or emails you have to make to respective contacts as per your activities which it keeps on tracking! Apart from all these, Friday also allows a one touch option to make a personal note or make it social with a single tap and a search tool is there that helps even easier warping through the events you wanna know more about!

Screenshot_2013-08-18-13-55-21 Screenshot_2013-08-18-13-54-59

All in all, this is a must have app for all of those who are a tad on the busier side with their daily schedules and do not have the time to maintain a personal agenda. I would have given it a 5 if it allowed more of social media access but for all that it deserves, it is definitely worth giving a try as all of this powerful personal automated journal comes in without costing a penny and a score of 4.5/5 from our side!

Google Play: Friday(Free)