Get Chatheads for All Notifications On Your Android Device

Chatheads is the only feature I found impressive in Facebook home, the rest being intrusive is not what I would prefer. Chatheads are great for multi-tasking and they are much better when they are not just confined to your Facebook messages. XDA member crazyfool_1 created a small little app that extends the power of chatheads to all notifications on your Android phone.

Floating Notifications is an app that displays all of your Android notifications using a chathead-like bubble unless you have turned off app specific notifications using Notifications Off. A tap on the notification takes you to the app directly and you don’t need to drag the status bar down.

How great would that be when you see chatheads for WhatsApp messages?


As you can see from the screenshot above, the bubble on the right is a Facebook message chathead of my friend Antje Wilsch and the bubble on the left is a WhatsApp message from Goutam Dutta. Though both chatheads don’t work the same way, the one of the left does display the content of the message if it is seen in the notification bar. The content is not displayed on Froyo or Gingerbread and hence the chathead doesn’t display the message content either.

The app has a small bug:

2.2 – 3.0 devices – You can only tap the first notification (You’ll have to clear the first to get to the second for the moment – Sorry)

Issues which can not be fixed

  • Google Now notifications do not appear in this app
  • Kik Messenger notifications do not appear in this app
  • Sometimes clicking the notification text the app doesn’t launch for a few seconds
  • Notifications will not disappear from your notification bar as this is not something that can be done. However if you open the an app the floating notification for that app will automatically close. (Not a bug but worth noting)

The app is still in development, you can download the latest version of the app from the original thread.