Get Facebook Home on Any Android Device

Well, it has just been a few moments that Facebook launched their home app on the Play Store and we’re here with our hands on the app. I’m using Sony Xperia U but I managed to get the app working on my device faking it as a Galaxy Note 2 by changing the build.prop values.

Facebook home on any android device

We’ve seen what Facebook home offers you so I’m not wasting time on writing that. Here’s how you can make it work on your device.


You need to have the latest version of Facebook for Android and Messenger installed on your device because the Messenger has chatheads and the regular Facebook app has the permissions required for Facebook home to run on your device.

You need to have a rooted device if just installing the APK doesn’t work.

Install Facebook Home on your Android Device

Download Facebook Home APK and install it on your phone. When we tested this on a Galaxy S2, we didn’t need to do anything else other than this. But when this was tried on a Sony Xperia U, a message popped up saying that the device is not supported.

When you get messages like these, you know that build.prop is your only friend. So I used the Root Explorer app and edited the build.prop file which can be found in /system/. You need to change the following values (make sure /system/ is mounted r/w):

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]ro.product.model=GT-N7100

These are the build.prop values of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You can also use build.prop values of any other supported device like the One X, One X+, Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4.

Let me know if you face any issues and thank me if it works for you.

Thanks Ray for the APK.