Get Galaxy S4/Note 3 Lock Screen on Any Android 4.0+ Running Device

Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is far better than most other interfaces that we see on other OEM-skinned Android version. With every new flagship device. Samsung introduces a new effect in the lock screen. The lock-screen that you see on two of their latest devices – the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, can now be used on your device too irrespective of whether it comes from Samsung or not, thanks to Galaxy S4 lockscreen.

Galaxy S4 lockscreen

Galaxy S4 lockscreen is a copy of the lock screen you might find on a Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3. Please note that the APK has not been pulled out from the system dump of the Galaxy S4 or Note 3, instead it has been copied and packaged into a single APK that is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded from the link at the end of this post.

The Galaxy Note 3 lock screen comes with ripple effect where you can see ripples when you slide your finger over the lock screen to unlock it. It also includes ink effects of different colors. When you slide your finger over the lock screen, you can see ink being spread over the screen along the path of your finger movement. The Galaxy S4 introducedeffects like circles of light, lens flare, and more. All of these effects are available in a single app.

You can also add shortcuts to the lock screen just the way you generally do on a Samsung lock screen. You can also customize the font that appears on the lock screen. You can change the text that is displayed on the lock screen. This also includes the carrier text which could be anything you enter or the default carrier text.

Apart from the aforementioned options, the app also lets you show/hide the notification bar. That said, the app is a must-try according to me as it works flawlessly and I haven’t encountered any issues with it.

Download Galaxy S4 lock screen

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