Get Location Based Reminders On Your Android

While most of you must be really liking Google Now and Google Keep (including myself) as it has location based reminders, there are a particular sect of people (32%) who must be missing these apps as they are available only for Android 4.0+.  People who own devices running Gingerbread or Honeycomb now have an alternative that is probably better than Google Keep or Google now, at least for some situations, thanks to Location Reminder.


Location Reminder has been created by XDA-forum member and lets you perform certain tasks automatically when you arrive at a particular location. No, it is not a tasker plugin but it is an app in itself that helps you pre-define a particular location and set a reminder for it. It not only displays the reminder but it can carry out certain tasks based on the location you had defined already.

The way in which it notifies is by ringtones and vibration or by using voice that uses the text-to-speech (TTS) engine on your Android device. Apart from reminding yourself. you can also send reminders to others based on your location by SMS or email. For example, you may wish to inform your friend when you have reached a particular place and you set a reminder via this app configuring it to send an SMS to your friend based on the location you had defined.

A few more uses that the app developer lists about this app are as follows:

  • Remind upcoming bus station when you are asleep while in bus!
  • Remind when you reach a shop to buy vegetable
  • Observe your children for dangerous places

The app isn’t available on Play Store as of now, but can be downloaded from this XDA thread.