Get Motorola Droid RAZR M Launcher With Circles Widget On Any Android Phone

We’ve been sharing some useful Android hacks here on this site. The open source nature of Android lets you modify almost everything on your device’s system and make it behave/look the way you want it to and that’s what we love Android for. It is due to this open source nature of Android that one can actually make a Sony phone look like Samsung phones or make an LG device look like HTC devices and so on. This can be done by porting their launchers, widgets and lock screens to other devices. For example, you can get Xperia JB lock screen on any Xperia Device and sometimes it is also possible to port these apps to any Android device. One such launcher that I personally prefer is the Motorola Droid RAZR M launcher with circles widget.

[box_light]If you do not have a rooted device, this tutorial will be of no use to you because this launcher can not be installed as a third party app. It needs to be a system app to function. The circles widget also is not available for any other launchers except the one shown below. If you are new to rooting, you need to read this. This launcher works only on ICS and JB with HD Display.[/box_light]

You can watch the video I just made on my Xperia U or refer the screenshots below:


Screenshot_2013-02-03-18-30-34 Screenshot_2013-02-03-18-31-23 Screenshot_2013-02-03-18-31-39 Screenshot_2013-02-03-19-25-36

To get this launcher, you need to download the zip file from the links at the end of this post. The zip file contains 4 apk files which you need to copy to your device’s SD card. Use a Root explorer app and copy all of the 4 apk files to /system/app folder. Your system folder needs to be writable to make this happen. After coping, set the permissions of all the 4 files to rw-r-r. When you use ES File Explorer, you can long-tap on the apk file and select Properties>Change Permissions.


Press the home button on your Android phone and select “HomeScreen” as the launcher. You should have the Cricles widget on the home screen by default.

The APK files have been resized for various screen sizes and the can be downloaded from the links below:

Download Links:

Non-HDPI Devices

HDPI Devices