Get the New Facebook Messenger Before it Goes Live on the Play Store

We recently published about what Facebook plans to do with its Messenger app and now we have with us the APK of the new version of Messenger (not Facebook Messenger anymore). After Google+ 4.2 APK leak, this one surely made my day as the Messenger app does look great and much better compared to how it looked earlier. An update for Facebook Messenger was rolled out today but this is not what was rolled out. The Messenger app is being rolled out to a few users but you don’t need to wait for long and you can download it right from the link at the bottom of this post.


The new Messenger removes your ability to text your friends but it still requires permissions to read your text messages, maybe it has something to do with Android 4.4 where you will be allowed to choose your default SMS app and Messenger can be one. The new look doesn’t resemble anything close to Facebook home or the official Facebook for Android app and has a holo UI.


Upon launch, you need to enter your mobile number. This number would be useful for you to recover your account in case your credentials are compromised and of course it makes you a verified Facebook user. That said, you can syn contacts with the Messenger app and hence text people on Facebook if you have their phone numbers. Facebook guarantees that your message will be delivered to the inbox of your contact (though he/she may not be your friend). Thanks to the friend graph that delivers the message to the inbox of your friend instead of the “Other” folder.

Screenshot_2013-10-30-23-23-51 Screenshot_2013-10-30-23-24-01

Adding someone via phone number is easy. While you are browsing contacts via the app, you can tap on the button at the bottom of the screen to find someone via their phone number.


The Messenger has a new tab that lets you see who is active (or online) and puts a badge on the contact picture that helps you know if your friend is using the Messenger app or is online via the web. That makes it easy for you to know if your messages are delivered instantly or not.

Screenshot_2013-10-30-23-25-04 Screenshot_2013-10-30-23-25-15

The new app is faster and you can text your friends pretty quickly. The location toggle, smileys and stickers still stick to their own places and haven’t been disturbed.

Screenshot_2013-10-30-23-26-20  Screenshot_2013-10-30-23-26-48

To download this app, you need to uninstall Facebook Messenger first and then turn off auto-updates on Play Store to make sure the app doesn’t get update because for some reasons. the app carries a lower version than the one already available on the Play Store. But that makes me wonder how are those small group of people using the app with a lower version? Who cares about the version, hit the download link below to enjoy a new version of Messenger.

Download Messenger APK | via Android Police