Get SMS & Call Notifications Via Bluetooth on Android

Do you use Bluetooth headphones with your Android device? If you really get a lot of calls, you would obviously prefer using Bluetooth headphones. I always stick to my laptop and hence I use my laptop’s microphoneand speakers to answer calls on my Android device. When you are busy and your phone rings when you get a call or SMS, it would be very inconvenient to take it out and see who has contacted you. Wouldn’t it be great if the phone can read out the SMS to you or read out the name of the person who has called you?

XDA member, crazyfool_1 has developed an app which makes it easy for you to answer calls or read text messages while you are connected to a Bluetooth device. The app is known as ReadItToMe and is available for free from the Android Market, the link to which is available at the bottom of the post.

ReadItToMe reads out your incoming sms messages and incoming callers. Unlike other applications it can be set to do this automatically when you connect to a bluetooth device or you plug in your headphones, as well as over the speakerphone.

Features of ReadItToMe Android App

  • Read incoming sms
  • Read incoming callers name
  • Always read
  • Read only when bluetooth is connected
  • Read only when headphones are connected
  • Translate text speak before reading ie lol is translated to laugh out loud
  • You can define your own translations of specific words
  • Starts on boot
  • Can reads sms over music (music volume is turned down and then back up afterwards)
  • Icon in notification bar to show when it is running

The developer has also mentioned some features that will be added to the next version of this app, so make sure you update it whenever available or set it to update automatically when you are connected to a network. The features to be added include:

  • Reply to text with voice
  • Reject incoming caller with text from voice
  • Read system notifications

get notfications vai bluetooth    

Please note that the app will not voice out any notifications if your phone is on silent mode but to get notifications on silent mode, you can select the option “use music stream”.

Download ReadItToMe Lite