Install TWRP on your Google Pixel/Pixel XL

The Pixel/Pixel XL is the best Google has to offer from their Android ecosystem. However, unlike the Nexus devices, modifying the Pixel has been tricky and developers are still trying to find a way around its complications. Recently, Chainfire successfully rooted the Pixel, freeing it from the shackles and giving the users the freedom to […]

Root your Google Pixel/Pixel XL

A few days back, we covered Chainfire’s announcement that he had successfully gained root access to the Pixel. According to Chainfire, a lot has changed in the Pixel, especially with the dual boot partitions to handle the Seamless Update feature. Chainfire has released a tool called CF-Root which involves sending a fastboot command which makes […]

Google Launches Pixel And Pixel XL

Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been introduced and are said to be made by Google. This time apart from Nexus, Google has collaborated with Pixel which has earlier only been used for some of the very sophisticated devices marked by Google such as Pixel C Tablet and Chromebook Pixel. Google Pixel and Pixel XL […]