Google App Beta v6.10 adds Android Wear & Assistant changes

Google is always fine-tuning their flagship Search app and usually pushes out beta released to users who have opted in. Recently, Google released v6.10 in their beta channel. Unlike the last few versions, there aren’t any noticeable changes. However, thanks to Android Police’s teardown, it has been discovered that some much-needed additions are on the way to the app. There will be download link at the end if you want to try it out for yourself.

Google Assistant on Android Wear

Long awaited, Google Assistant is headed to Android Wear after much delay. This will let you access Assistant on your Wear device without ever having to pull out your phone. It is also rumoured that you may be able to set different voice languages to each device. This means you can assign voice commands of different languages to each device.

Text Input to Google Assistant

For some of us, talking to our phone seems… weird. Google Now allowed us to use text as an alternative input method through the search bar. The only workaround seems to be using the Assistant present in Allo, but the functionality is limited (for example, it cannot interact with Philips Hue in Allo). The addition of a keyboard action would be welcomed.

The update also brings a search gesture that allows a swipe down action on the home screen. The teardown also suggests that there may be a “In Apps” and “All” search type in the future.

You can download the Google Beta v6.10 from APKMirror. Let us know in the comments section if you happen to find anything new!

Via: Android Police