Google Docs, Sheets & Slides buffed with page setup & ODF/EPUB support

In this era of smartphones and tablets, users can create, edit and customize documents on the go. Google’s Docs, Sheets and Slides are some of the apps that make this happen. The functionality of these apps and the portability of a smartphone have revolutionized work ethics.

These android apps, albeit being ideal for a quick edit, lack many of the features that are available through the web app. An update for Docs, Slides and sheets apps for Android was launched today. This update brings many useful features making them almost as handy as their web versions.

For starters, Page setup is finally available for the Google Docs mobile app. Akin to Page setup in any other word processor, this feature allows users to change the orientation, background color and size of the document. With this update, users can now export Docs files to EPUB (ideally used for e-readers) and OpenDocument text files (usually used with LibreOffice and OpenOffice). It also supports the import of these file types into Docs files. Importing/exporting these files requires an internet connection.

Next up, Google Sheets. The latest update for Google Sheets introduces the IMAGE function that displays images inside cells. Users can also import/export OpenDocument Spreadsheet files (.ods). The only new feature for Google Sheets is the ability to import/export OpenDocument Presentation files (.odp).

Users should be able to download these updates within the next few days.

The OpenDocument format originated in the 2000s at a time when Microsoft Office was dominant with its .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats. At that time, the Google portfolio of competing cloud-based apps was still coming up. Microsoft added support for this format in the Office 2007 Service Pack 2.

via G Suite Updates