Google Hangouts 1.3 To Replace SMS/MMS in Android

Google Hangouts replaced the Messenger application that you see when you install Google+ and then it replaced Google Talk. Now, it is time for us to bid goodbye to SMS as the next update to Google Hangouts will replace SMS though we are not sure if it is for all Android running devices or not.

Google Hangouts will now integrated SMS & MMS in its next update (1.3) as seen in the screenshots above. Apart from this, the app will also allow you to share videos with your friends. How many of you really used Hagouts app on your phone? Not many I guess but now whether you love it or not, you would surely miss the stock SMS app on your phone. As far as I am concerned, I’d love to get SMS within Hangouts – who likes navigating between Hangouts and SMS while chatting on the phone?

You can differentiate between SMS and other texts via the time stamp that you see below every message. For those who are annoyed with this news, you also have an option to opt out of SMS in the Hangout app. Unlike Facebook Messenger’s SMS integration, Hangouts does send you delivery reports for your sent SMS. Sure, you can disable them in the settings. You also get an option to retrieve messages while roaming and turn on wireless alerts.

So you will now have texts, images, videos and now even SMS all in one app – Hangouts. But when will the update roll out? There is no information about this at the moment but if you were to believe speculations, you can expect this update somewhere around Android 4.4 KitKat launch. The KitKat leaks did not show any evidence of SMS integration within Hangouts but the new Nexus 5 will probably come with Hangouts/SMS integrated.

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via Android Police