Google Keep gets integrated with G Suite on the Web

Google Keep is a handy and convenient app to have. If you want to jot down something off the back of your head or even make a quick grocery list, Google Keep has you sorted. It is rather simple and not at all robust. So, making it a part of your daily workflow can sometimes be a drag. However, now Google has announced that it is being integrated into G Suite so users can easily work it into Google Docs “for easier brainstorming.”

Normally, people keep notes, lists and even drawings on Keep. For those of you who even have the Desktop version, you can open Google Docs on the web and have Keep on the side panel within Docs itself. This means that you will be able to integrate the notes you’ve made to the main document be it for school work or a work document.

You can drag notes from Keep onto your main document. You can easily search for notes or even create a new one as it is only on your side bar. Users can type something onto the notepad and copy something from the main document. When opened on the phone app, there will even be a link to the source document.

When you open a Google Doc now, there’ll be an option to have Keep on the sidebar. If you close it, you can get it back by simply going to the Tools tab and choosing Keep notepad. Let us know if you’re excited about this feature.

via: Google