Google Launches the Best Photo Editing App On Android – Snapseed

Snapseed by NIK Software is probably the best photo editing app on the Android platform as of now.  According to Technical Image Processing Association (TIPA), Snapseed is the best mobile photo app of the year 2012. Snapseed was previously available on iOS and was voted the iPad app of the year 2011. I gave this app a shot as soon as it popped up on Google Play Store and I am amazed with the way it analyzes and enhances your photos. Since the app has been acquired by Google, the app is deeply integrated with Google+.

Why Not Instagram?

When you talk about the best photo apps, you may consider including Instagram. Snapseed might be an Instagram competitor but they differ quiet a lot in what they have to offer you. Instagram is a community, it lets you share photos you like with some preset filters. Snapseed has some many advanced features that Instagram doesn’t offer you. Using Instagram, you may share the pictures on Facebook as well but you don’t get full images on Twitter. With Snapseed, you may share them to Google+ and any other services that you might have installed on your Android device. You may save the images locally to your phone as well. So there you go – the two top  social giants acquiring the top two photo apps.

Coming back to Snapseed, it offers you advanced features to edit your photos. No matter you are a geek or not, you don’t need any skills to make your photos look better than they are. I would now prefer using Snapseed to enhance my photos than using any online tool or even Photoshop.

Upon the first install, Snapseed shows you hints on the screen. Applying filters and editing the image is easy.You need to select a type of enhancement from the menu at the bottom. It could be anything like brightness, contrast etc. You may select any one and swipe left or right to adjust the intensity of the enhancement. To change the type of enhancement, you need to swipe up or down.


To straighten the image, you need to select the option from the bottom of the app and swipe your finger up or down to adjust the orientation of the image.

You can also add filters to your images just like how you might do in Instagram. You have the control over the intensity of the filter applied which can be adjusted by swiping your finger left or right over the image

As already mentioned, sharing over Google+ is quite easy using Snapseed. You can also share the image using any other services installed on your device.

Snapseed makes it quite easy for novice Android users and people who don’t know much about photo editing to enhance their photos. Nik Software and the team working at the company is intact at Google and further updates to this app will make it stay at the top in future.

The app has a 4.8 rating at Google Play Store and we would rate it 4.8 too. To make it a 5 star, Snapseed must be able to offer some more features that Pixlr express has to offer. If they could do that, I would rate it a 5 star!

Download Snapseed From Google Play Store