Google Maps for Android adds Street View Thumbnails

Google Maps recently rolled out a new feature that makes it easier for you to see where you need to go when using turn-by-turn navigation: integrated Street View images on the directions screen. Google did this quietly and while the app allows you to see an overview of the upcoming turns and distance between them, this new feature introduces an option to tap and see the photo of that street or the turn, hence making things clear.


To see these images appear, simply enter your current location and destination as usual, then view the route. Here you’ll  notice that instead of just the list of turns, there will be a photo thumbnail associated with that turn. Tapping on the thumbnail will show you the 360 degree Street View experience, which will be properly oriented for the direction you’re going. Here, you can pan the screen around by dragging your finger, just like in Street View. Your route will be indicated with a blue line, and as usual, you can tap to move further down the road if you choose.

This feature hasn’t made its way to the iOS version of Maps and Google is yet to confirm whether it will.

Considering how Maps is one of Google’s flagship products, we can expect to see many more such handy features. We expect an update on its upcoming functionalities soon.

You can also become a beta tester to get updates earlier than you would generally do.