Google Maps introduces Parking Information in United States

Google Maps is extremely handy and helpful as it is. However, a new Google Maps update is rolling out. The update displays parking information and this feature is called Parking Difficulty. The update is available globally (only Android devices) though, the first version of Parking Difficulty only works in specific metro areas in the U.S. Only time will tell if Google will expand this feature’s functionality.

Parking Difficulty is displayed with a rounded ‘P’ next to the travel duration. There are three levels i.e, Limited, Medium and Easy. As parking conditions change, the color of the icon also changes. This feature calculates parking availability using historical parking data, similar to how Google maps estimates average visit duration of some places .The data you receive doesn’t change in real time. This feature currently works in few places in the U.S including Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Tampa, Cleveland, Denver, Phoenix, Sacramento, Seattle, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Detroit, Atlanta, Orlando, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Dallas, Washington, Houston, Portland. Parking availability had actually shown up for certain users running v9.44 beta of Google Maps and finally we can get our hands on it.

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