Google Photos all geared up to allow for Editing Date & Time of a picture

Google Photos is a top-tier photography app. Its clean look and simple UI is what makes this app your go to gallery alternative. Google Photos is famous for its photo backup service, people detection as well as its sharing capabilities. Unfortunately, Google Photos doesn’t have as much to offer when it comes to image editing. On the bright side, Google have slowly but surely been introducing more features that allow you to customize pictures.

Editing your photos is just one side of the story. What about editing images so as to make them easier to organize? Google Photos doesn’t offer much when it comes down to modifying EXIF data. Even now, editing the date and timestamp of the photo can only be done in the desktop version. This can be rather constraining for someone who likes to rearrange certain photos to their liking. With Google Photos version 2.7, this might soon change. A teardown (by XDA Developers) of the APK reveals that Google Photos may allow users to edit EXIF timestamp of photos.

Note: A teardown provides valuable information on latest features. However, it is possible that these features might not come with the final version. 

Getting the app

For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on Google Photos version 2.7, here is an APK signed by Google and upgrades the existing app.

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Via: XDA Developers