[APK DOWNLOAD] Google Photos v2.4 adds People Detection, RAW support & More

Since Google released Photos, it has been extremely successful. Google Photos is a complete storage solution for all your photos and it also organizes all of them using Machine-Learning. Version 2.4 began rolling out last week and it adds a slew of new features including support for viewing RAW images.


  • An all-new set of smart, dynamic filters to enhance photos in one tap.
  • Advanced editing controls to tweak lighting, color, and more, including an innovative Deep Blue slider that adds color to sky and water.
  • More movies, made for you: your child’s first months, holiday traditions over time, highlights from the year, and more – all easily editable.
  • Initial support for RAW files (not in the changelog)

In-album detection for people

Taking lots of pictures of a friend might have been organized, but it does get confusing when you want to check which album the picture belongs to. Version 2.4 now displays the list of albums the person appears in. Tapping on the following will take you to the album.

This seems like a staged rollout, so it might be a while before all users start noticing it.

Dynamic Filters


Google has updated the Photo’s image editor by refreshing the UI and adding a set of new dynamic filters. The new filters do not produce a noticeable difference from the previous ones, but seem to produce results that are much softer.

Enhanced Editing Controls

screenshot_20161118-214617        screenshot_20161118-214638


Also tucked in the new photo editing feature is granular controls for Light, Color and Pop. Also, Light and Color can be expanded to reveal more controls tucked beneath. The Light expansion includes Exposure, Contrast, Whites, Highlights, Shadows, Blacks, and Vignette. While the Color expansion has Saturation, Warmth, Tint, Skin tone, and Deep blue. Although this won’t replace professional editing applications like Lightroom, it does give the user more choice when editing their pictures.

RAW Support

We have been waiting for Google Photos to support RAW for a while now and we finally have the initial version of the feature. Although editing options are not available just yet, we can view RAW files stored for now. It does take a few seconds to load a RAW file, and can also be Cast to supported devices like the Chromecast.

It seems that RAW support is clearly in its initial stages and we hope to see full-fledged support soon. It is good to see Google pushing out updates for the Photos app.
Download Google Photos V2.4 APK | via Android Police