Google Play Credit can now be recharged using PayTM in India

For a long time, us Indian users have always had problems with buying apps online, mainly due to the transaction methods. Most Indian cards require an additional layer of verification which forces the retailer to implement that in their payments system. This can prove tricky to implement for each type of card. Even though Net Banking has been implemented in the Play Store, some banks are still missing and there is no word on when they’ll be added too. Carrier Billing has been a hit-or-miss with many users, including myself, and many carriers are still not supported.

PayTM now lets you recharge your Google Play Store account through their app. This lets you recharge your Google Play account using your PayTM funds.


The process is pretty straightforward. Simply fire up the PayTM app and under the “Pay Bill” tab, you should see a brand new Google Play option. Enter a denomination between Rs. 100 – 1500 and enter your mobile number. This will generate a Redeemable code and send it to your mobile number as well as your registered email address. From there, simply enter the redeemable code in the Play Store app in the Redeem section in the navigation drawer. Your Play Store Credit should now be updated.

This Play Store credit can be used for purchasing apps or even making in-app purchases. With sales being conducted frequently, premium apps can be bought for as low as Rs. 10. This makes it even more convenient to people who are yet to make their first Play Store purchase.