Google Play Games Leaks Out, Brings Cloud Game Saves Along With It

We had Google Play Movies and Google Play Books recently and now we have Google Play Games which were supposed to be announced at the Google I/O but Android Police has revealed the suspense behind what’s new with Google Play Games with their APK teardown of the Google Play Services APK, the new version of which has more than double strings and is being rolled out to people eventually. The Google Play Service you must be using now is v3.0.27 and the new version which is a massive update would be v3.1.36.

nexusae0_wm_2013-05-11-15.04.02 nexusae0_wm_2013-05-11-15.05.15


The Google Play Games Settings apps works even now. You have the option to specify who can send you notifications and that would of course be managed by your Google+ circles. Game freaks might have a separate circle for their gaming friends and this would be of great use in Google Play Games.

Synchronization of Games Saves

One of the best things you can expect from Google Play Games is that you can sync your saved games with cloud and restore the data whenever needed. The following code appears in Google Play Services APK:

<string name="games_sync_label">Game Data</string>

No matter which device you use, you can install the game on a new device, add your Google account and just like how you restore your contacts and apps from the Play Store, you will also be able to restore Play Games data. This would appear in Account and Sync settings on your phone where you can choose whether to sync your game data or not.

There is more on this like matchmaking, invites, achievements, scoring and Leaderboard, You can follow this up with Android Police’s APK Teardown.