Google Play Store Hack Lets You Download Paid Apps for Free

You must be knowing about the “jailbroken” app store for iOS devices that lets iOS users download paid apps for free after they have jailbroken their iOS device. There are a few android developers trying to accomplish the same for rooted Android devices. They are trying to develop an app store that lets you search and download paid apps for free without having to run any “lucky patcher”.


This has been made possible and I have tested the application known as “Android India” which lets you download paid android apps for free. This is certainly a bad news for Android app developers as it takes piracy to a higher level. You can get the apk of paid apps for free from some websites but developing an application for this purpose is something that makes piracy much more easier and also popular.

Having tested this app myself, here are a few points I would like you to know:

  • Most of the paid apps can be downloaded for free, however there are a few which did not work – like myBackup Pro which was installed successfully but could not be cracked.
  • After the paid app is downloaded and installed, the application “Android India” crashes.
  • The crack status of the app is available when you view the description of the app. I could see “Crack status – Already cracked by Susheel” written below the title of the app.
  • You do not need any patcher to bypass the registration of any app.

The website from where I downloaded the apk had the following written:

Android India hack

Something which made me suspicious about this app is that the note above says that you do not need to root your device to use it. However, when I used this app it did access Superuser permissions on my phone.

We do not recommend you to install this app as it may access private data on your phone without your explicit permission. Private data may include call log, messages, browsing history, bookmarks and passwords.

I had uninstalled this app just after I finished testing it. As we do not encourage piracy, we are not providing any download link for the app though I am pretty sure many of you would head over to Google search for the apk of this app.

Image Courtesy & Source: AndroidPit