Google releases standalone ADB & Fastboot

Google’s ADB and Fastboot are incredibly powerful tools for interacting with your Android Device. Up until now, using ADB/Fastboot required you to download the entire Android SDK or sticking with Minimal ADB & Fastboot. Downloading the Android SDK everytime you want to push commands to your Android device is not the best solution as the download size tends to be huge. Relying on Minimal ADB & Fastboot also has it’s drawbacks as it relies on users to build the latest version of ADB from the Android SDK itself. Google has FINALLY taken up this issue on their own hands and have provided a standalone ADB & Fastboot Tools.


You can download the zip package from the links below. Google has provided the tools for Windows, Linux and even Mac too.

These links will remain static and will automatically get updated to their latest versions when available.


To start using this, all you have to do is extract the zip package, ShiftRight Click, and select Open Command window here. This should put us back to the familiar user interface we’ve all come to know and love.