Google’s Instant Apps is here, use apps without installing them

Downloading mobile apps is rather annoying, especially if you only temporarily need them. There are so many amazing apps out there that you can’t help but want them all. Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that we have limited storage.

Google has come up with a solution to this problem. Instant Apps allows users to use an app without downloading it. Essentially, Instant Apps works by being a compact version of the original Android app. The app is accessed by clicking on a URL, without installing it. All parts of the app required for your purpose is temporarily loaded and once you’re done, the app is gone from your memory.

A recent blog post by the Google Android team reveals that Instant Apps is now active on 4 apps: BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki. This means that Android users can access these apps without downloading them on their devices. Instant Apps will extend to many more apps and possibly websites too. Google has confirmed that Instant Apps will work on older versions of Android, Jellybean onwards.

So, how does Instant Apps work?

For example, if your friend sends you BuzzFeed URL for a recipe-video. If you don’t have the app, its fine! Simply click on the link and the video (via the app) pops up. This will basically fetch parts of the app that are required to show you the video recipe.

The tech community is definitely excited by the prospects this brings us. For instance, newer apps will get more visibility and hence more visitors and subscribers. Mobile users can also avoid downloading these apps that occupy space.

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