Google releases its Wallpapers app on Play Store

When the Pixel Launcher was leaked, a lot of users flocked towards it and immediately installed. However, some of us weren’t really a fan of the Launcher as it had it own drawbacks. The fact that custom Icon packs couldn’t be used and the general lack of being able to customize the launcher threw a lot of people off. However, the included Wallpaper picker was pretty cool and had a lot of great features.

Google Wallpaper is a standalone wallpaper picker. It’s basically the wallpaper picker from the Pixel launcher, sans the Launcher.


Once downloaded, the app can either be launched as usual, or by selecting the Live Wallpapers section from your device’s wallpaper picker. Wallpaper includes a pre-selected collection from different categories like Earth, Cityscapes, Life etc.

Daily wallpaper can be turned on for any of these categories.This will cycle the wallpapers everyday. There is also a prompt before turning this feature on to disallow downloading wallpapers on mobile data, which is a nice touch.

screenshot_20161019-215618 screenshot_20161019-214558

Wallpapers implements its features using the Live Wallpapers API in Android. What this means is that, the app stays running in the background, so you might want to consider that if you are running it on a low-end device.