Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We’re glad you want to contribute to our blog and we look forward to great technology + mobile content from our guest bloggers. To get your content published, here’s what you need to do – we’d like to keep it simple and easy for both of us.

  1. Sign up for an account – we need you to sign up for multiple reasons – we’d display your social profiles so our readers can tweet you something. Also, submitting your post via our dashboard will trigger an email that we are very much active at. A separate email is less likely to receive a quick response, but a post submitted via the dashboard will be reviewed quickly.
  2. We accept posts only related to Android – this should be very clear from the site’s title as such but a strict NO to iOS or Windows Phone or any other OS posts.
  3. Content quality is of utmost importance – please don’t send us posts that we have already published or isn’t interesting to read.
  4. The content should be at least 500 words long with at least one image – please link back to the image if you don’t own it.
  5. Please proofread your post before submitting, use the proofreader provided in the editor if needed
  6. Provide external links to posts that you have extracted information from, we love giving credits.
  7. Add one link in your author bio to your site, usage of keywords in the anchor text is not recommended.

For any queries related to guest posts, please email