Hack My Android is Now On Google Currents

Yes, we are late and I accept that but better late than never. We have recently crossed 100 articles here on Hack My Android with 500+ members on our forums. As we see an increase in traffic and number of users, we have decided to make reading this blog much more easier for you and what could be better than Google Currents?

What Is Google Currents?

Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed and offline reading. Do not worry, you need not pay for it, Google Currents as well as Hack My Android Edition comes for free. Below is a short video on how to use Google Currents.

Hack My Android on Google Currents

We have published our edition on Google Currents today which is available for both Android & iOS. This edition will let you browse through the content on this site in a user friendly fashion. You do not need to open the native site www.hackmyandroid.com after you have subscribed to us in Google Currents as you can read all article on Google Currents itself.

Hack My Android on Google Currents

The Edition contains three sections – Blog, YouTube and Social Updates. Our Social Updates come from the Google+ Page. If you haven’t added us on Google, you can go ahead and do it now. We will not only share our articles on our Google+ Page, but also the contests which are coming up and also other interesting content about Android which you may find useful.

Here are a few screenshots which have been grabbed on BlueStacks and this is how the app would appear on Tablets.

Reading content on Google Currents is much easier and smoother. To move to the next page while reading an article, you just need to swipe left and the next page appears.

You can subscribe to our edition from here and browse through the articles available without any time lag in the page being loaded. The power of Google Currents also lets you share these articles on your social profiles. You can either let the app update the articles automatically, or you can tap on Menu>Sync now. You will need to use your Google Account to subscribe to our edition.

Install Google Currents from the first link given below and then click on the second link from your device to subscribe to Hack My Android on Google Currents.

Get Google Currents | Get Hack My Android Edition on Google Currents