Hack My Android Revamped To Enhance Reader Experience

It has been around 9 months since we were using the Swagger WordPress theme. With a new year and today being Christmas, we’ve decided to revamp the whole site to provide you with a better reading experience and easy navigation. The current theme which is based upon Continuum WordPress theme has been optimized and edited to suit a “perfect gadget blog”. Following are the changes and enhancements that have been made to the base theme. If you find any bugs, you may report it to us at the earliest.

Device Specifications

Category Archives

The category archive pages have been enhanced quite a lot and took a lot of coding work. These pages will now contain specifications of all devices that we have covered with an image of the device on the left and a button below all which lets you buy the device from Amazon. Please note that the link used behind the button is an affiliate link and we will be paid our commission in case you buy the device by clicking on that button.

Enhanced Author Archives

Author Archives

The author archives which currently contain information about only two of us have been modified to place three buttons on the right side of the author box. These three buttons link to the author’s Facebook, Twitter and email. As of now, there are only two author archive pages but the reason behind making these pages more social is that we will be introducing guest columns very soon and these pages will let all of our authors display their social profiles. The social buttons also appear in the author box below all posts.

Easier Navigation

As an Android user, there might be three things that interest you:

  1. Android news
  2. Android App reviews and
  3. Tutorials about your device.


We understand your requirement and hence we’ve put up the best information on the home page. The breaking tab on the top gives you the latest news about Android gadgets. It can be toggled, so if you are not interested in it, you may close it any time.

Android App reviews are placed right next to the slider. This area will contain not all apps that we review – but the best ones which we recommend. You may call it recommended apps too but just to save some space and to feature these recommended apps, we’ve called it “Featured apps”.


Tutorials about your device might be hard to find among all these news and apps stuff. To make it easy, the main navigation has been edited for you to select your device’s manufacturer. For example, if you own an LG device, you may click on “LG” on the top. That opens up a page where you can see information about the company and its logo. Below that is a list of devices from that manufacturer sorted by name. Find your device and click on it to see the specifications of your device below which will be listed all tutorials published under your device’s category. We believe that this would be easy enough. If you don’t like going around the maze, go straight to the footer and find “Select Your device” widget. Select your device from the list and you should get going along with the tutorials.

Social Login

While you comment on this site, you may see three login buttons – Facebook, Twitter and Google. You may use any of these services to log into the site and leave the comment or you may just enter your email id and name while commenting (we may remove the latter to avoid spam). An  advantage of logging in is that your comment will not be held for moderation and will be visible as soon as you click on the post button. Guest authors (in future) may also use this feature to create an account on the site and submit their posts via the WordPress Dashboard.

The green theme is related to the Android stuff we publish and must be a pleasure to your eyes. If you feel there is something we might have missed or something has gone wrong, do let us know in the comments below and we’ll see what could be done.