Hack The Sony Xperia U To Make it Run Faster

We have discussed quite a lot of ROMs and rooting tutorials for devices but is that all about Android hacking? Obviously not. There are some other tweaks that you can do to your device to make it run faster. You may not even need a ROM or a custom kernel to make the device perform faster and better. A few tweaks must be good enough to do that and with this post, I’ll share some tweaks I did to my rooted Xperia U on a stock ROM, stock kernel but modified build.prop and bloatware removed.

Recommended: This tutorial requires root and CWM that can be found here.

Build.prop Tweaks

Build.prop is a file that you can find in the /system directory of any android device. It holds the information about the device. Your computer recognizes your phone as Sony Xperia U because the build.prop supplies that information. You may change it to Xperia S or maybe a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the same will appear on Play Store as well as your PC. The Android version you see when you go to Settings>About phone is also fetched from build.prop. Again, you may change it to Android 4.1 while your device might be running some other version of Android – but does that make any sense? No. What makes sense is the tweaks you can code into the build.prop to make your phone run butter smooth.

For your Sony Xperia U, you can download the build.prop file from the link below and place it in the internal storage of your device. To get this working on your device, use an app like Root Explorer and copy the build.prop file into the root folder (the folder where /system and /data are located). Change the permissions of the file to rw-r-r or 644 depending on how the app allows you to do so. If you see a message that you don’t have permissions to edit the permissions, you need to make sure that the system directory is mounted as r/w (read/write) instead of r/0 (read/only). Root Explorer has a small button on the top to mount the directory as r/w. Here is a screenshot from Root Explorer.


Download Neutron Energy Build.prop for Xperia U [Source]

Removing Bloatware

What eats up the RAM completely – bloatware. The Timescape you get on Sony devices doesn’t work most of the time with Facebook due to authentication issues and it also requires you to have Facebook installed as a system app which means you can not Greenify the app and it runs in the background – waste of battery, waste of RAM. The YouTube extensions you get on your device are nothing but some junk that you don’t need. Removing all such bloatware gives you a lot of free RAM and with the build.prop tweaks you should get your device perform at lightning speed.

Divaksh Jain, a recognized developer at XDA forums has coded a script that lets you remove all bloatware from your Sony Xperia U. You need to download the zip and flash it from recovery mode which fires up the AROMA installer where you get options to remove what you wish to remove. A few more features that Divaksh has written about this script include:

As the name suggests it makes your device speedy. It allows you to quickly transform your slow and cluttered stock rom into a clean bloat free and adfree machine With the option to selectively remove the features you don’t use as well as backs up your contacts, messages, dictionary and calendar. It is an all in one tool that can aid any Stock and CM rom user, all thanks to the amazing AROMA Installer.

Some of it’s amazing features are :

  • Removes Bloatware From Stock Rom! Eg: Sony’s Unwanted Stuff.
  • Removes the unwanted features. Eg. Google stuff
  • Automatic as well as Manual Selection of Features Supported.
    (Speedy Droid will remove only features that you don’t want to use or don’t use.)
  • Smartly makes backup of removed apps so you can restore them again.
  • Decrease RAM usage by removing Bloat in others words ram is free.
  • Increase performance
  • Give you better battery life.
  • Backs up and restores settings, sms, contacts, accounts, call logs, calender, user dictionary within seconds.
    (sometimes it happens while changing the roms that you get bootloop, due to which most of the time you have to flash ftf again so before flashing ftf you can use this tool and save your data.)
  • Stores backup history and logs with time and date.
  • Patch hosts file to provide Adfree experience resulting in faster browsing.
  • Make your device Speedy.
  • Easy to use, simple UI.
  • Packaged in a mere 5mb cwm flashable zip

You can download the zip from this thread. Place it in your device’s SD card and flash it via Recovery. You can watch the video below to see how it works:

Let me know if these hacks work out well for you. If not, you can reach out to us on our Facebook group.

  • Constantine Sipitan Devon

    about the application, should the phone be rooted or its ok to run this application even the phone is not rooted?…

    • It’s not an application, SpeedyDroid is a script that you need to run via recovery mode. So yeah, the phone must be rooted.

      • mak

        my xperia u is already rooted ,installed CWM .. how can i go to recovery mode?
        when i open my and pressed VOL- or + , nothing happen ..
        pls help ..

        • Turn off the phone. Turn it on again by pressing the volume button. As soon as you press the power button to turn it on, keep pressing volume down button and your phone should boot into recovery. If not, you don’t probably have a recovery installed.

  • Elinor T.

    I have a problem getting speedy droid to work. Everything is fine until it says that it’s starting aroma after installing from zip. That’s when the screen goes black (back-lit black, not screen turned off black) and nothing else happens. It just hangs there endlessly. Happens every time i try to do it. Any ideas?

    Trying speedy droid v3 on ST25i with ICS (6.1.1.B.1.100)

  • sasi kanth

    hi sir
    how to install the custom recovery on sony xperia u i’m on 4.0.4
    i seen may posts ..there is no post to give full details about the flashing recovery
    plz give me the proper instructions to flash recovery