Hands On Video of LG Nexus 5 Appears Before Launch, Shows Android 4.4 KitKat Features

As we move closer to the launch of the next Nexus smartphone from Google and LG, we do come across several leaks. While we have already seen quite a lot of images and screenshots of Android 4.4, a hands on video is surely a treat to the eye.

A French tech blog site Smartphones.sfr.fr has managed to place their hands on the LG Nexus 5, which does coincide with the previous leaks we have come across. The leaked images of the Nexus 5 and the features of Android 4.4 KitKat that were leaked earlier do match with what you would see in the video below.

The build and design of the Nexus 5 wouldn’t be something new if you are a regular visitor of this site. Also, you can see payment options and printer menu in the Settings of Android 4.4. This is again nothing new.

One more leak that we were supposed to believe is that Google Hangouts will replace SMS/MMS. Though the video does not show Hangouts in action, you can have a look at our previous leak that shows how Google Hangouts will function in Android 4.4 KitKat. Speculations also point at the fact that the integration of Google Hangouts with SMS will roll out to all version of Android, however there is no official announcement yet.

While the previous leaked screenshots showed Hammerhead as the name of the device, this video does show “Nexus 5” (not a build.prop tweak). Also, the Android Version shows the moniker of “KeyLimePie” instead of KitKat – that makes me wonder what the difference between KitKat and Key Lime Pie would be.

The kernel version shown is 3.4.0-gda5acbf-android-build. The build date is missing, so we aren’t sure if this is the final build. Also, Android 4.3 kernels are based on 3.4.0 kernel which means there is no kernel-level upgrade.

QuickOffice that was acquired by Google earlier and made free on the Play Store later now comes pre-installed on the Nexus 5. That doesn’t annoy me as QuickOffice is one the best apps you would need to edit and view Microsoft files along with Google Drive integration.

While more leaks surface, we will keep you updated. Make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or view other subscription options.