Hide Select Photos & Videos on Android Using Gallery Plus

We surely do have some pictures and videos on our smartphone which we are not comfortable in others having a look at. Children, for instance might grab your phone and watch your secrets. That disturbs your privacy and hence you need an app that can hide select photos and videos on your Android phone. Gallery Plus is one such app that helps you hide photos and videos but with Gallery style.


Gallery plus is yet another gallery app but with built-in security. Once you install the app, you are asked to draw an unlock pattern whcih will be used to see the hidden photos. After this. you are shown a gallery of your photos and videos that can be made visible as a list or a stack. You can see two types of gallery – stock gallery and hidden gallery. The app lets you easily hide pictures by selecting them with a long-press. You can also hide an entire album by long-pressing on it and select the hidden eye on the top to move it to the hidden gallery.

The best part of this app is that you don’t need to open the app itself to hide photos. You might be using some other app like Quickpic to browse your photos and videos. This app sticks itself into the share intent too – this makes it easy for you to hide any media content by tapping on the share button and selecting “Gallery plus” option.


  • Hide photos & hide videos
  • Filter only photos or only videos
  • Fastest and most secure private gallery
  • Backup & Restore photo on cloud
  • Hide photos, videos from another application with “Share” (gallery, file manager, etc)
  • Storage to hide (sdcard or internel storage)
  • Change themes
  • Classic password or pattern password
  • Hide application icon on app draw.
  • Take a photo, recover video and auto hide it
  • View gallery with stock gallery and hidden gallery, easy switch between them
  • View photos, videos, zoom in, out, slideshow
  • Effect scroll then view photos, videos(stack, zoom, tablet…)
  • Multi-select photos, videos to hide.

While you do have alternatives like Vault which helps you hide almost anything on your Android phone, you can give this app a try if you are looking forward to hide only photos and video in a neat fashion. The app has just been released and will be subject to future development so you can expect some more features soon.

Download Gallery Plus