How To Install Whatsapp On Any Android Tablet

So you love Whatsapp and also have an Android tablet but you can not use Whatsapp with it just because your Android tablet does not support a SIM card – it’s a tablet and not a smartphone. This is because Whatsapp reads your phone status and identity using the mobile network. Since your tablet doesn’t have these properties, Whatsapp installation isn’t possible unless you try the method mentioned below.

I haven’t created this guide, it has been created by AnonFBI on XDA forums. Via this blog post, I am only sharing knowledge and might help you if you face any issues. Also, this method does not  require root permissions and should work on all Android tablets irrespective of the Android version your tablet might be running.

[box_light]Someone has reported that the version of Whatsapp used for this tutorial has become obsolete which means that this tutorial might no longer be helpful.[/box_light]

The procedure goes this way –

  1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your PC. BlueStacks is an emulator which lets you run Android apps on your PC – pretty useful software one can use.
  2. Download WhatsApp v2.8.7326 apk file on your PC. The creator of this guide is specific about this version because this guide works only with this version as the new version has some security protection.
  3. Download STR AppGuard on your phone. This app is useful for the user to read and modify the permissions of any app installed on the device.
  4. Right click on the Whatsapp APK file and select “”Open with BlueStacks APK Installer”.
  5. Install Whatsapp on your tablet from the Google Play Store but do not run the app. Once it is installed, tap the “Done” button. In case you ran the app, you will have to go to Settings>Apps>Whatsapp>Clear data.
  6. Launch STR AppGuard and select “Whatsapp” from the list of installed applications.
  7. You will get the following screen: (I am using my phone for screenshots because I don’t have a tablet)
    Secure app
  8. Tap on OK button and the app will finish the three tasks listed in the image above. It will uninstall Whatsapp and install a secure version of the app.
  9. After the app is installed, you will see the permissions of Whatsapp (see screenshot below). Just uncheck the “Phone calls – read phone status and identity” option which will prevent Whatsapp from reading your phone identity. Since there is no such identity, this criteria will be void.
    read phone identity
  10. Launch Whatsapp onBlueStacks and enter your phone number. Get the verification code via SMS or via a phone call.
  11. Repeat the above step on your tablet and you  will get some error. Select the “Call me” option and you will still receive an error.
  12. Tap the menu button on your tablet and enter the code you received.
  13. Whatsapp will now work on your tablet. You can import contacts via a Google account.

If you receive a 6 digit authorization code, you perhaps did not install the correct version of Whatsapp listed above. You can now uninstall Whatsapp on BlueStacks and also remove AppGuard if you don’t need it anymore.

If you face any issues, leave a comment below 🙂

  • Abhijit

    I have installed everything on my pc and Whats app is working fine but i'm unable to install whatsapp on my nexus 7 tablet because google play is not allowing me to download whats app, what to do now?????

    • Lalit Indoria

      Download Whatsapp APK from anywhere and install it on your tablet. Did you get the verification code via SMS?

  • Zidane

    Error in the pc: "the application is obsolete"

    • Lalit Indoria

      Okay, thanks for reporting it. Whatsapp has made this version of the app obsolete (out of date).

  • Abhijit

    Yes but that was when i installed it on my pc and not on tablet……i have also downloaded whats app but the setup file is not opening…..

    • Lalit Indoria

      What is the set up file and how are you trying to open it?

  • rampar

    I tried this but after step 11, whatapp says. you use a diferrent phone as mentioned in installation before and you have to enter a six digit code

    • Lalit Indoria

      The last line of my post says

      If you receive a 6 digit authorization code, you perhaps did not install the correct version of Whatsapp listed above.

  • Adam

    Might I suggest using yuilop instead? It does the same, plus you can send SMS and make calls (even to landlines and mobiles). Much simpler, works on all Android and iOS devices. I installed it on my Nexus7 with no problems. Here’s the link!

  • antonio

    Hi, I followed all the instructions, but no longer work with the new version of whatspp, the same option says that the version is too old and you need to install the new version, when you install, verification via “sms” does not work , and when you choose to “call me”, says there is a new version, I guess is the change in the code, you have any update on this?, thanks

    • Lalit Indoria

      Make a Titanium Backkup from an Android phone and restore it to your tablet. That should work.

      • antonio

        can you help me, why does not work the “call me” option or “sms”? i have a windows phone, i can´t do a titanium backup, thanks

        • Lalit Indoria

          Sorry, please read the title of the post. It is only for Android devices!

          • antonio

            ok thanks anyway for the atention, good luck

      • Vineet Bagga

        Restoring a titanium backup on the tablet needs it to be Rooted. Is there any way to restore the 3 titanium backup files on the tablet without rooting it?

  • Daisy Lowe

    Hey, can you post an UPDATED tutorial? This is great but there are newer viersions of Whatsapp out now and the older version that your download for this demand to be updated.

  • pranith

    Sir, I did everything perfectly
    I was so close. . I entered the mobile no. Its said it would verify plz sit back n relax. . But suddently says this version is so slow. . Download latst from android market

    • Lalit Indoria

      There will be an update to this tutorial soon. We’ll test it and throw one more post which should work.

  • atik. ansari

    Its giving Error That Download The Latest Version From Play Store

    • Lalit Indoria

      We will post an updated tutorial soon!

  • Salil

    When i try to do this, it shows me an error(parse error).
    1. Install whatsapp
    2. run appguard
    3. uninstalled it
    4. when it tries to reinstall again then it shows parse error

  • ulemu

    i have galaxy note 10.1 wifi only. when i press agree and conntinue on my whatsapp it says; tablets are currently not supported. can someone help me how to go through this problem?

    • gram

      I installed whatsapp using the below method (both my phone and tab are rooted)

      1. backup working whatsapp (app+data) in your smartphone – use titanium backup
      2. copy the backup files created by titanium backup to your tab (the directory which is configured as the backup location for titanium backup)

      there will be 3 files created by titanium backup – com.whatsapp*.properties, com.whatsapp*.apk.gz and com.whatsapp*.tar.gz

      3. restore the whatsapp using titanium backup in the tab
      4. remember to restore the app + data
      5. go through the registration process

      auto SMS verification process during the initial configuration will timeout in 5 minutes and will give you an option to get a call back for the verification code.

      Remember if you are using same phone number for the registration as your smartphone, Whatsapp will deliver messages only to one device – either the smartphone or tab whichever is connected to the network… this becomes messy as some messages on the smartphone and some on the tab and no way to sync up…

      if you are not rooted, this method will not work and if you are rooting your device for this, then YOU will assume all responsibilities. Try it at your own risk.

  • Camille

    Hello I follwed all steps and before entering with my phokne number it says that my phine date is innacurate… The date is fine and correct, what showld I do?

  • pk

    after successful installation of the secured version from appgaurd, it asks to agree on terms and condition, and when that is clicked, the next screen reads as ” your phone is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again”.
    whereas every thing is correct.

    i will be thankful if somebody can help me out and tell the solution asap

  • Mery

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorial, everything worked well for me until the moment I have to enter the code.. I tap on the three dots at the right, but the only option I get there is “contact support”, I have no place to enter the code.. Please does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks!

  • mohamed

    i tried to install bluestack , but to usually tell me to update the graphic card , i updated it but didn`t

  • utkarsh

    My galaxy tab 2 doesnt havean option button…wt shud I do…

  • Omar

    Everything went well except.. whatsapp on PC keeps telling me “your phone date is inaccurate adjust your clock and try again” so now what do I do

  • MAS

    I followed the instructions but it says ur time and date needs to be adjusted wars that.

  • SuhasM

    I followed the instructions but when I run What’s app thro’ BlueStack, it says ur time and date needs to be adjusted, I did that by clicking on ‘Adjust Date’, but still it is saying ‘Adjust Date’.

    What’s solution for this?

  • Batool Abu Hazeem

    Sam3 problem as the others.. when I ran whatsapp on my tablet, it asked to adjust the date and time, which obviously not adjustable.

  • Girish

    whats the current whatsapp version working ? even i had the problem off adjusting date and time

  • pro

    Iv done all the procedures but im getting a wrong time and date and its goes to my time and date settings

    • You need to update the date and time in that case 🙂

      • pro

        yea my date and time is correct it just keeps taking me to the settings time and date

  • busho

    Please tell should we do to adjust date and time? Date and time us just perfect