HOW TO Download Photos From Facebook For Android App

Facebook has improved their app with time and as of now I feel the app is really fast and has all features we need except one – downloading images. While Facebook’s web interface lets you download images using a dedicated download button, their mobile apps must also have that button (or) at least a long press option that lets users download images that are shared with them.

Though Facebook for Android does not let you download images, there is a third part app that lets you do it – Facebook downloader. As the name suggests, it lets you download images from Facebook for Android app.

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All you need to do is install the app and start using the native Facebook android app. When you use it, just tap to open the image you wish to download and then press the menu button on your Android phone. Tap on Share option and you will see various options to share the image via third party apps. Tap the Facebook downloader option and the image will be saved to your SD card.

Regarding the settings of the app, you can specify the directory where you wish to save the images. You can also browse through the images you have downloaded via the inbuilt gallery in the app which pulls up all the images form the directory you have specified in the settings.

It’s a pretty simple app with no other functions involved. Since this is the only app that lets you download Facebook photos at the moment, the developers have taken good advantage of the opportunity and stuffed in ads in the free version of the app which you might need to tap to download images. The paid version of the app is free though and costs you just a dollar.

You can download the app from the links below:

Facebook Downloader Free Version | Facebook Downloader Paid Version