HOW TO Root HTC Desire VC on Android 4.0 ICS

HTC Desire VC is a new phone from HTC running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with some decent specs. In this tutorial we will tell you how to root HTC Desire VC in a simple way. There are a few advantages that might lure you to rooting the Android OS. You can remove bloatware (system apps) which HTC has stuffed in which is impossible without rooting the phone. You can also automate tasks using Tasker app or increase battery life by using Juice Defender app. Rooting has a lot of other advantages.

Root HTC Desire VC

Before you root your HTC Desire VC, make sure you have unlocked the bootloader of your phone from Also make sure you have the necessary device drivers installed on your phone.

Rooting does not usually lead to loss of data but in case you get stuck in the middle of the process, you may need to perform a factory reset. Hence, it is advisable to backup all data to your SD card.


  • Back up all apps using ASTRO File Manager. You can get the APK files using ASTRO and later restore it. Rooted users have a better option of using Titanium Backup.
  • Back up all contacts to SD card.
  • Backup SMS on Android.
  • Backup call log on Android.
  • Have minimum 60% charge on your phone else you might get stuck while the update process is running on your device.
  • Remove any security or Anti-virus app if you have them installed.
  • Enable USB Debugging. This can be don by Settings>Applications>Development and making sure that USB Debugging is checked.

DisclaimerHack My Android is not responsible for any damage that your device may face during this process. The developer is also not responsible for the same. There are little chances that your device may face any issue. However, try this at your own risk. This process voids the warranty of your device.

Steps to Root HTC Desire VC

  1. Download the rooting package from here.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a separate folder in your computer.
  3. Copy the root zip file to your phone’s SD card.
  4. Turn off your HTC Desire VC.
  5. Boot into fastboot mode. To do this, turn off your phone and press Volume Down button + Power button together to enter the bootloader mode. Use Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to select the Fastbboot mode.
  6. Once your phone is in fastboot mode, connect it to the PC via USB Cable.
  7. Run the file recovery.bat. This will install CWM on your phone.
  8. Now turn off your phone and restart it in the bootloader mode and this time select the Recovery mode option to boot HTC Desire VC in recovery mode.
  9. From the recovery mode, select “Install zip from SD card”>”Choose zip from SD card” and select the root zip file you had copied to your SD card in Step 3.
  10. Flash the zip file, go back and select “Reboot system now”.

After rebooting, you will see that your phone is rooted. To verify the same, install the root checker app from Google Play Store.

  • Anukush

    Hey. I've been trying to root my phone. But I even haven't been able to unlock the bootloader. The fastboot just gets stuck at waiting for device and does not proceed. I have downloaded and installed the latest USB drivers from Google's Android SDK, but still fastboot does not list my device. Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

    • Unlock the bootloader from first! You should also install drivers from HTC.

  • Invisiblity302010

    where is recovery.bat ? plz check me bro

  • Shivkumar Jagannath

    The recovery menu seems to be in Chinese. Which option is the recovery mode?
    found out that the second option is recovery 🙂
    Also managed to install from SD Card but not able to find out which option is reboot. The one I selected seemed to roll-back 🙁

  • Rahul

    is there any way if i can upgrade RAM to 1 GB from 512 MB after Rooting HTC desire VC?

    • RAM is hardware, you can not do anything with it!

  • Rajesh

    i have sucessfully followed the above steps but after i select the recovery.bat i am not getting any chinese menu in my phone.i have installed all the latest drive .please help[

  • rajesh988

    i have followed the above steps correctly.but after launching recovery.bat i am not getting any menu on my i was not able to proceed to next step.please help

  • Hi, this is probably a stupid question but,
    I do not an HTC desire VC selection in the list at
    i see "desire *" and "desire HD *"
    am i being to literal thinking a choice should be "Desire VC"?

  • kapil

    hi i have rooted my htc desire vc by following your instructions. but now i am unable to update my phone pls help 

  • Bala

    RAM sucks in my HTC Desire VC 🙁 will rooting it help me?


    My HTC Desire VC (T328d) was rooted and running Android OS 4.0.3 (ics).

    In recovery mode, I accidentally formatted /system folder (from internal phone memory).

    This is because the recovery mode is all in chinese language and I did a huge mistake.

    The phone cannot boot showing HTC logo screen and no boot sound.

    • Lalit Indoria

      BIG MISTAKE! Sorry, I mistakenly gave you the link to HTC Desire C ROM. I am sorry, I did not find any ROM for Desire VC. All you can do is, get a friend's Desire VC, root it and take a nandroid backup. Restore the nandroid backup to your phone.



  • nikhil


  • bala

    I am unable to proceed after opening the chinese BAT file..pls provide clear instructions after that

  • Nil Nag

    Plz help , rooting package download link is unavailable