HOW TO Take Screenshots in Recovery Mode

Have there been times when you wish you could show your friend screenshots of how your device’s recovery mode looked like and you didn’t have a cam that could give really good images? You might have had a misconception that taking screenshots in the recovery mode isn’t possible but it actually is possible.

To take screenshots in the recovery mode, you will have to run a few ADB commands which is a tough task for noobs. Whiskey103 on XDA forums has made a script that consists of all the commands that you need to run when you wish to take screenshots of the recovery mode.

You don’t need to install Android SDK either because the files you download will contain ADB.exe which is required for running the ADB commands.

The process is pretty simple as you need to run only the script without having to enter any manual commands. This is only for Windows because the developer has provided only a .bat file which runs only in Windows. If you can change the  commands to run in Linux, please let us know.

Download screenshot.rar and unzip the downloaded files to a separate folder. You will have adb.exe and a few other files which include the script screenshot_run_me.bat This is the file you need to run (as administrator of course). Once you run the script, you will see the following screen:

After you run the script, boot your phone into recovery mode and connect it to PC via USB Cable and hit any key on your PC. The folder containing the screenshots and file name of the screenshot can be seen on the screen.

An example output:

This should be pretty useful for TWRP Recovery themers, won’t it?

[via XDA Forums]